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Adolescent Inpatient

Adolescent Inpatient

Adolescent Inpatient Services

The teen years can be a difficult and emotionally challenging period in a young person’s life.  As adolescents are experiencing both physical and hormonal changes, they are often also experiencing both social and personal stress.

As a result, it is sometimes hard for parents and loved ones to tell the difference between the normal social and emotional issues that all teenagers experience from time to time and early signs and symptoms of mental illness.

Cedar Creek Hospital provides inpatient psychiatric care designed to help treat uncontrollable problems that teens, ages 12 to 17, may be facing. Upon admission, patients are assigned clinical teams which include a psychiatrist, case managers, nurses and therapists. Treatment focuses on identifying the negative and destructive behaviors while learning the new tools and social skills needed for personal growth.

Cedar Creek Hospital has created a nurturing and caring environment, uniquely designed to focus on the individual strengths of adolescents to help them develop treatment care plans that focus on these strengths.